Fit4Tennis & MyTennisHQ Desert Masterclass with Karue Sell & Andrew Mateljan

Location: La Quinta Resort, Indian Wells, CA

Date: March 8



Detailed Schedule and Offerings:

11:00 AM - VIP Private Clinic Experience:

An intimate coaching session providing personalized attention from Karue Sell and Andrew Mateljan. This experience is tailored to the individual needs of VIP participants, focusing on technique, strategy, and fitness improvements.

2:00 PM - Specialized Fitness Training:

This session is led by Andrew Mateljan to boost tennis-specific physical capabilities, focusing on exercises that enhance agility, strength, endurance, and speed.

2:45 PM - Comprehensive Tennis Instruction:

Karue Sell leads this segment by offering an hour of in-depth tennis coaching. Participants will explore advanced techniques, strategic gameplay, and mental toughness, gaining insights to elevate their game.

3:45 PM - Competitive Point Play:

Participants apply their newly acquired skills in competitive point play scenarios, with personalized feedback from Karue and Andrew to refine tactics and improve performance in real-match conditions.

4:45 PM - Break and Preparation for Exhibition Match:

A brief interlude before the exhibition match allows participants to network, reflect on the day's learnings, and prepare for the event’s highlight.

5:00 PM - Exhibition Match:

A showcase match featuring Karue Sell against a guest ATP professional, providing a unique opportunity to observe top-tier tennis strategies and execution, complemented by insightful commentary from Karue and Andrew.


VIP Desert Pass


All Access: Participation in all clinic activities, including fitness training, tennis coaching, and competitive play.

Premium Exhibition Seating: Best views for the exhibition match.

Special Dinner Experience: An intimate dinner with Karue, Andrew, and the ATP professional, offering deep dives into tennis insights and stories.

Signed Memorabilia: Exclusive memorabilia signed by Karue and the ATP professional.

One-Year Premium Content Access: A year-long subscription to both Fit4Tennis and MyTennisHQ, providing continuous learning opportunities.

Hitting Session: An exclusive chance to rally with Karue Sell and the guest ATP pro, receiving direct feedback and tips.

Personalized Video: A professionally produced video for each VIP participant, capturing key moments of their clinic experience and personalized feedback and messages from Karue and Andrew. This video serves as a unique memento and a tool for ongoing development, offering tailored advice to reference for lifetime improvement.

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Oasis Advantage Pass


Includes group sessions for tennis instruction and fitness, standard seating for the exhibition match, a tennis ball signed by Karue and the ATP pro, and a six-month subscription to Fit4Tennis and MyTennisHQ content.

Spectator Pass


Access to the exhibition match, opportunities for photos and autographs, and entry into a raffle for exclusive merchandise and gear.

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